Chicago Nighttime Chasing

[Please see the disclaimer paragraph below this one if you get the feeling you want to share any video on this playlist] My unedited stock video collection of 1080p 60fps footage is here.

Disclaimer and “Agreement” : This entire playlist itself is public but these full-length [typically takes days to upload (even on 30mbps fiber)] hours of video are unlisted but not private. Please be mindful of where you share anything on this playlist because it can be stolen that way and well, it’s totally straight from-the-camera stock footage so no swear words are bleeped put or anything when those times happen. This playlist is copyrighted footage [typically] only for use by my own chase / video team but open the door to a few close family and friends with this post. Even for any Educational or “Creative Commons” public use, you must write me for permission! I will gladly edit parts of these long videos for educational use.

Heck even when I’m out there I say “don’t do this” at 16:48 above. I’ll end this article with our typical duties after a storm (road clearing duty):

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