Warsaw, KY Storm Damage Survey 4/12/2019

We took a ride down to Warsaw, KY to observe the damage that afternoon as severe weather broke out in the Tri state this morning number of structures damaged or destroyed this is in Warsaw where our chase team NRCW Storm Intercept Team is this barn got destroyed by straight line winds or tornado. Other damage seen in Hamilton,OH and other areas too.

A National Weather Service Storm Survey team has determined that
damage in Kenton County Kentucky, Switzerland County Indiana, and
Gallatin County Kentucky was caused by straight-line thunderstorm

This area of damage consisted of mainly tree damage, a barn which was collapsed, several outbuildings which were damaged, boat docks tipped over, minor residential roof damage including shingles and tin material removal, and numerous tree limbs snapped up with a few trees uprooted. Much of the tree damage was to softwoods including Bradford Pear trees, and pine trees. A few recreational vehicles /boats and RVs/ were also tipped over. The damage was determined to be non-tornadic along the length of the survey, being broad laterally without defined lateral bounds, and not showing any convergence or cross-axis component to the debris field.

Also, damage was sporadic along the path. There were no indications of significant debris uplift along the length of the path beyond traditional light roofing material which is easily lofted in both ttornadic and non-tornadic situations, or indications of debris spatter. Most roofing material was pushed downwind, and not lifted substantially and thrown to a substantial degree in a cross-axis component. The damage path did not have the choppy/blended appearance of previously surveyed weak tornadoes in this wind speed range.

Damage along the path is consistent with winds of 60 to 70 mph, although a few very isolated locations had damage indicators suggesting winds from 70 to 80 mph.


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